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Soulfilled Sisterhood

May 29, 2018

Tamara Powell, LMHC is a licensed therapist, university psychology instructor, and spiritual empowerment coach who believes life should be lived as a journey that is “anything but ordinary.”

She opened Arya Therapy Services as a way to provide holistic health and healing for non-conformists. With specialties in gender, sexual, erotic, and relational diversity, Tamara is passionate about holding sacred space for the self-identified misfits and mystics of the world – the healers, the visionaries, and the creatives.

More recently, she began Tales from a Trapezoid with a goal of pushing the envelope around the more raw and edgier side of life, dedicated to those who may often feel like a “trapezoid in a world full of circles.”

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In this episode:

  • Helping non-conformists deal with their existential angst
  • Tamara shares her upcoming book Radical Autonomy
  • Why it is important to stay in your OWN LANE in life
  • How staying true to yourself impacts parenting, partnerships, business and more
  • She shares her personal self-care morning ritual and spiritual practices
  • Her hopes for her adolescent daughters learn now vs waiting until they are adults