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Soulfilled Sisterhood

Jun 29, 2021

Everyone has a story. How they became an entrepreneur, a leader, why they can’t do relationships, etc. But who would you be without that story? Would your life be different? Would you behave differently? Feel different? Nicole shares some questions for you to do self-inquiry and begin to step out of old constructs....

Jun 22, 2021

Has the sizzle gone out in your sex life? You're a high achieving woman, successful professionally, yet unsure of how to bring intimacy back or what is pleasurable to you? Guest Nicole Colleen, a Sex and Intimacy Coach, shares what you can do to change things in the bedroom. Her mission is to support couples...

Jun 15, 2021

Do you ever feel like you are squeezing into a business model that leaves you exhausted? Or that introverts can’t be entrepreneurs let alone be financially supported by going out on their own? Guest Caroline Wood says differently. Find out how it is not only possible to have a business you enjoy, but one that supports...

Jun 8, 2021

Have you known someone on their deathbed stating they regretted not going after a dream or telling someone they loved them? What if you had 5 years left to live? If you have regrets and want to learn how to live more in the moment, this is for you. For full show notes:

Jun 1, 2021

Are living a life in alignment and in your power?

Have you ever been doing something only to have someone else reflect back to you the connection you didn’t fully see?

In this episode, Nicole shares a tool she uses with her coaching clients, how the podcast logo ties into all of it, and ways for you to stand more in...