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Soulfilled Sisterhood

Apr 28, 2020

Do you identify with being a Type A woman leader? Does perfectionism or people-pleasing get in your way of delegating? Then tune into this episode guest Jodi Flynn, Executive Leadership Coach, shares how she supports women who are in leadership. Learn the importance of changing perspectives, self-awareness...

Apr 21, 2020

Returning guest Tamara Powell LMHC and Empowerment Coach and I share practical tips in navigating fears both in your business and in your life during these uncertain times. While the coronavirus has impacted everyone we state what we have done and/or use in our service-oriented businesses, our self-care practices, so we...

Apr 14, 2020

Guest Diane Diaz, who goes by Dee Dee, is a registered mental health counselor intern in the state of Florida, with a passion for grief education, grief care, grief advocacy but she is really a Grief Agent. Born into a world of healing grief, she has experienced the death of her son, been exposed to homicide, suicide,...

Apr 7, 2020

Host Nicole Burgess LMFT & Empowerment Coach talks about ways women who prefer introversion can cope with everyone home during the coronavirus. Hear the differences between introversion and extraversion, along with tips you can do each day. For full show notes: